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A 7-day Morning Workout Routine for All-Day Energy

If the thought of an early morning sweat session has you rolling over and throwing the covers over your head, you aren't alone. For many of us, getting out of bed any earlier than we already do, is a hard pass. 

But don't hit the snooze button just yet! Working out in the morning has many benefits for your mental and physical well-being. 

And spoiler alert — we made it even easier with a week's worth of workout classes to get you started. You'll be the early bird that gets the worm in no time!

Benefits of working out in the morning

Starting your day with a workout has huge advantages that make that earlier wake-up time a little easier. 

Helps you make healthier choices

If the first thing you do when you wake up is get a workout in, you're starting the day with a healthier mindset. Congrats! In addition, you are also setting yourself up to continue making healthy choices throughout the day. 

Mood booster 

Exercise has so many mental health benefits, and a morning workout helps you experience those benefits first thing, to start your day off right.

When we work out, our body releases endorphins which can help to reduce anxiety and stress. And just make us happier overall. 

Want to start your day off on a high note? Exercising in the morning will leave you feeling accomplished, rejuvenated, and refreshed. 

Promotes better sleep

Both morning and evening workouts can help improve the quality of your sleep. However, if you have insomnia or aren't a night owl, exercising in the AM will help your body release melatonin in the earlier evening, which means a deeper, more peaceful sleep for you! 

Cultivates consistency

Stuck at work later than you thought? Meeting your friends for dinner? That's ok! Exercising first keeps you from worrying about any obstacles that may arise later in the day that could get in the way of working out.

With less opportunity to make excuses, you are more likely to create a solid, consistent routine. 

Improves energy and productivity levels 

Have trouble focusing at work? Needing a mid-afternoon caffeine fix to get you through the rest of the day? Working out in the morning positively affects energy levels, alertness, focus, and decision-making. In other words, you will enjoy a more productive day — without the need for a 3 PM Starbucks run. 

30-minute morning workouts

Strapped for time in the morning? Not ready to commit to waking up a whole hour earlier? Don't worry; we have some great 30-minute exercise routines to get your heart racing, your body moving, and you pumped for the day!

Day 1

30-minute yoga class

Day 2

30-minute cycling class

Day 3

Rest day

Day 4

15-minute BeachSweat yoga class

15-minute BeachSweat HITT class 

Day 5

15-minute yoga class

15-minute lower body class

Day 6

Light day- 15-minute stretch class

Day 7

30 minute- full body conditioning class 

60-minute morning workouts

Got time for an hour of exercise in the AM? From yoga to HITT cycling, there are many great options to explore to find the best workout for you. One of our favorite go-tos especially in the morning is yoga, with its host of benefits to enhance health and well-being. 

Here are seven days of exercise ideas to get you started! 

You can find all these classes on the BeachSweat website

Day 1

30-minute yoga class*

30-minute strength training class

Day 2

30-minute full-body weights

30-minute HITT cycling class

Day 3

Rest day - give your body a rest. If you still want to get some movement in, try a 30-minute yoga class. 

Day 4

15-minute yoga class 

30-minute BeachSweat cycling class

15-minute Tabata class 

Day 5

30-minute full-body conditioning 

30-minute yoga class

Day 6

45-minute yoga class 

15-minute stretching class

Day 7

30-minute bodyweight class

30-minute yoga class 

*Not sold on yoga? Besides making you stronger inside and outside the bedroom, there are numerous benefits that we are sure will have practicing yoga every day of the week. 

Rise and shine!

Ready to take on the day with morning workouts? Here are our tips to make the transition easier and set yourself up for success:

  • Give yourself time to adjust. If you aren't used to waking up early or earlier, it can take a few weeks for your body to get used to it. 
  • Establish an earlier bedtime. You need to go to bed earlier if you want to wake up earlier. Not getting enough sleep can make your adjustment period harder and cause you to skip morning workouts. So put your phone away, turn off Netflix, and get to bed at a decent time. 
  • Fuel your body. Oatmeal, banana, power bar. Giving your body something pre-workout will help you power through your morning exercises. 
  • Focus on workouts you enjoy. If you aren't enjoying the exercises you are doing, you aren't as likely to jump out of bed to do them. Working out should challenge you but also keep your interest. 

At BeachSweat, we offer challenging cycling, HITT, strengthening, and yoga classes with visual inspiration to help you reach your morning fitness goals while having fun. 

Ready to find the motivation to all-day energy? Try out one of our fitness classes now with a free trial!